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Apr 20,2014
2014-04-20; To the very(!) manly Beijing prince who never forgets to express his gratitude to his fans - thank you, Luhan. Thank you for always smiling and striving to work harder, even though you have done more than enough for us. You are an inspiration to many. Happy 24th (25th) birthday, humble deer! ♥ ♔
Apr 20,2014

ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ʟᴜ ʜᴀɴ; 4/20/1990

Apr 20,2014
D-1 to Luhan’s Birthday: Reasons why Luhan is the Perfect Bias (for me)
he’s a wonderful person through and through:  luhan isn’t perfect - no bias is. he makes mistakes sometimes, he says things without thinking them through sometimes, he does reckless things sometimes. but he has a kind spirit, a tender heart, and a gentle soul, and despite his faults, i think he’s one of the most beautiful (not based on looks, but on the inside) people to ever live. he’s the most perfect mix of fun, caring, weird, childish, polite, playful, thoughtful, and kind, and just the thought that someone like him exists in this world makes me very happy, which is why he’s the perfect bias for me, and which is why i’ll keep on following him for as long as i can.
Apr 20,2014


Luhan’s Birthday countdown | D-2

20th of April of 1990

LU HAN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know I’m a day earlier for your birthday but I’m so excited and happy that you are turning a year older. I hope you are too that even though your birthday celebration will be a solemn one because of a tragedy that happened in South Korea, I hope that a miracle could happen on your day. And I hope you are celebrating your day with lots of love from the members and a lot of hugs and lots and lots and lots of birthday wishes because who wouldn’t love that! and i know you deserve it, you deserve all the love and all the good because for me you are special, you are a star born to give us around you joy, hope, and inspiration. Because the moment I heard your voice, i know you are special. And the moment I saw you, you have this brightest smile that made me smile too. And even though you say that your face is ugly when you laugh, I just can’t help it but to adore the faces you make and it also makes me want to laugh with you. When I’m in my lowest times in life, I just want to stay strong to see you grow, and watch you, and support you, and love you more. You give me hope to hang on to life and I know I am not alone on how much joy and hope you bring to us. You’re a bright little star of this vast universe, that even though there are a lot brighter stars around you, you will always have this special spark that will always touch us in so many special ways.

I truly wish that you receive all the love you deserve and i hope all the people around you do too, that you are happy, that you are still true, that you still care about us, and that you will shine brighter and stronger and be whoever you want to be, achieve all the dreams that you have because whatever you do, we will always love you and support you!

Happy Birthday, Luhan! Thank you and 사랑합니다!

Apr 20,2014

Happy Birthday Luhan !

Apr 20,2014


Happy Birthday, Lulu!!
Words can’t describe how thankful I am to this cutie. He’s one of the biggest inspirations I’ve had in a long, long, time. And to me that means the world.
You deserve all the good fortune in this world for not only are you a kind and considerate person, but you’re also a selfless and down-to-earth one that many of us could learn from. The true definition of beauty that is inside out. Keep doing what you do best! We as fans will support you to the end!

Apr 20,2014

happy birthday, Lu Han.
please be happy and never lose the brightest smile of yours, which this is the most precious thing i have ever seen.
 我爱你 ♡

Apr 20,2014
Happy Birthday to EXO’s resident manly man~ 
Apr 20,2014



I’m not exactly sure when my love for you developed, but now that it has blossomed, there is never a day where I can’t help but to smile because I know that someone like you is alive and existing in this world. There is so much I want to say about you, but I’ll try to make this short; “I love you” is something that can’t suffice to how much I really feel for you, it’s much more than that. You’ve motivated me, you’ve inspired me, you’ve given me happiness, you’ve given me sadness, you’ve been someone I can escape to when I’m dealing with endless amounts of struggle in my life, you’ve given me reason to live life with a smile on my face, and believe it or not, you’ve given me a reason to keep on living. You’ve given me so much and yet, no matter how much love and support I give you as a fan, it can never amount to what you did for me without you even knowing… so thank you. Thank you for being alive and giving me life. It has been 24 years since the day you were brought into this world, and yet your personality, appearance, and evERYTHING scream that it can’t be that long already but, I guess time really flies ;^; You still act like such a baby, when you should be acting a bit more mature to match your age but, don’t change!! I love you just the way your are! I love the way your eyes crinkle up when you smile, how uncontrollable your facial expressions are, how childish you can be a lot of the time, your shy nature, those deer-like eyes, your lashes that can go on for miles, that soothing, soft voice that never fails to captivate my ears, that smile that brightens my everything, how your face looks girly and manly at the same time, how you always try to maintain your manly appearance but fail miserably at times, the gracefulness in your dancing, the effort you put into making each and every performance better than the last, how perfect your imperfections are to me… this list can go on forever but I’ll end it here huhu

so.. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY DEER!!~ Let’s celebrate another birthday together and hopefully many more in the future! I wish you only the good things in life and for you to continue to live your dream and share your happiness with us!~

Apr 20,2014
Apr 20,2014



Apr 20,2014

269/500 exo airport appearance

Apr 20,2014


"And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you."

I’m bad at expressing myself, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. In the one year that I’ve known you, I’ve watched you grow into an extraordinary young man: extraordinary, not because you’re an idol or because you’re perfect (in fact, you’re far from it). You’re extraordinary because you aren’t afraid to be yourself. You’ve taught me to carry on, even in the toughest of times.

I just want you to know that I’ll always be here, cheering you on.

Apr 19,2014

Happy Luhan day

Apr 19,2014