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WOLF scenery | part1

Hi ^^ May I ask where you're from? (the country, I mean)

Hiiii c: I`m from Romania.


I looked at this again after months and I’m still laughing I’m sorry


Thank you for tagging me, Andreea =3=
1. Name 2. URL 3. Blog title 4. Bias(es) 5. Favourite colour 6. Write something in capitals 7. Favourite band/ artists 8. Fav number 9. Fav drink(s) 10. Tag 10 people

Ok, so I`m tagging kaitanic, exo-plushie, v-dyo, layhan-mcms, xiao-deerhan, cheolyans, elaysium, luhando, jooncherry and laygion ^_^

chanyeol x kris.  (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C)

omfg look at kyungsoo look at yixing look at them

Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections



dear cas